Design Committee - 1st Monday 
Members:  Caryl Morgan, Chairman; Sue Roy, Secretary; Carolyn Kahle, Carolyn Williamson,  Amy Lusk, Younghee Higgins

Promotion Committe - 1st Thursday
Members:  Janice Shinn, Chairman; Krista Davidson, Secretary,  Carol Purdy, Rick Peri, Bobbi Simmons, Melanie Miller, Sammi Webb

Organization Committe:  2nd Monday
Members:  Mary Austin, Chairman; Mary Austin, Secretary; Don Roy, Holly Cline, Radena Eisenhauer, Janell Leaming

 E/R Committee: 3rd Thursday
Members:  Nancy Chaney, chairman;  Jill Copelin, Secretary, Christy Kennedy, Roy Chaney, Jason Orr, Jason Shanks

Board of Directors 4th Monday
Holly Cline, President (2018)
Carol Purdy, Vice President(2017) 
Mary Austin, Secretary (2019)
Carol Purdy (2017)
Claudine King (2020)
Jane Thomas (2018)
Jason Shanks (2020)
Melanie Miller (2018)
Roy Chaney (2019)
Sammi Webb (2019)
Scott Cloud (2020) 
Justin Beard- City Representative
Jake Rhodes, Past President
Bobbi Simmons- Treasurer (2016)

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Mission Statement:  The mission of Newkirk Main Street is to encourage the community to preserve and promote its history and heritage and to improve Newkirk's downtown commercial area through the education of the citizens and businesses.